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Tips for Making Your Basement Attractive

Tips for Making Your Basement Attractive

Basements are one of the most undervalued spaces in our homes. Most frequently people just store there useless boxes, or old clothes, equipment, and any other trash that is not used on a daily basis. But think about the idea of adding one more play room or living room for your guests or even a home movie theater downstairs! Yes, all these ideas are absolutely real if you remodel your basement. In the article below we collected the most effective ways to make your basement, regardless of its function, cozy and comfortable.

Ceiling and Wall Cladding

If, for instance, you consider creating a home theater or a living room, then you should consider creating pleasant visual appeal for the room as you will be spending pretty a lot of time there. According to professional basements contractor Guy Solomon, the most obvious choice is drywall, but he advises to consider wood paneling for your walls and ceilings to create the upper floor or living room look for your basement. Remember, that even though it is basement, it does not have to be only basic. Think creative and be creative!


In terms of floors you have to remember that basement is the lowest level of your home and consequently the coldest one. It means that your floors will require additional insulation as well as protection. Moreover, think about using materials that will eel warmer, such as hardwood. It is not advised to use tiles because then your flooring will always be cold and unpleasant. In case you do plan to spend there much time, consider installation of warm flooring system to ensure that your children and friends feel comfortable regardless of the weather outside.

Proper Lighting

You remember that basement is usually the lowest level of your home which means that it lacks natural light a lot. As a result, you should compensate the absence of natural light with artificial options. Of course, try to install the biggest window possible, but then consider having not only veiling block of light, but also lights on the walls to brighten up the space and make it look more attractive.


If while cleaning up the mess before the renovation you found some old shelves or furniture, do not rush into throwing it away. Our professional basements contractor Guy Solomon advises to save them and give them the second life. Basements have their special spirits and moods, so old shelves or cupboards will only set the right tone for the room.

Apart from that remember that you will anyway need some space to store all that stuff again, so think about some storage spaces hidden in walls or under the pieces of furniture to ensure that you make new basement not only attractive, but also functional.

And our last tip about making your basement a cool place is to be creative and not to be afraid of changes. Be open to new designs and use your available resources to the maximum.


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