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Top 10 Unhappiest Jobs in America

Top 10 Unhappiest Jobs in America
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There comes a time in just about everyone’s career when the question is asked: What am I doing here? And while it is more than just a metaphysical construct, this elemental question of career existence must be met head-on with a realistic examination of happiness.

In fact, a recent study from Right Management (a subsidiary of the Manpower Group) showed that the majority of workers are “unsatisfied’ in their jobs.”

19% said they were satisfied with their jobs.
16% said they were “somewhat satisfied.”
21% said they were “somewhat unsatisfied.”
44% said they were “unsatisfied.”
Those aren’t encouraging numbers. So it’s important to ask yourself some basic questions before embarking on new careers. And those questions were suitably encapsulated in the CareerBliss.com survey of the “Uhappiest Jobs in America.”

They asked 100,000 employees to rate these questions:

Work environment.
Growth opportunities.
Company culture
Job resources.
Company reputation.
Relationship with the boss and co-workers.
Daily tasks.
Control over work.
Below are the 10 Unhappiest jobs in America.

10. Maintenance Supervisor

Median Annual: $52,799
While this job has a very good median annual salary the overall satisfaction and general work conditions are low.

9. Marketing Director

Median Annual: $68,873
Marketing directors carry a heavy proportion of responsibility in most firms. These positions are highly rewarded, but the stress factor and long hours are often cited as prime reasons for unhappiness on the job.

8. Director of Sales

Median Annual: $91,821
Sales professionals are responsible to generating profits at most companies. And as director, a sales professional is responsible overseeing client outreach, coordinated presentations, and client accounts.

7. Marketing Manager

Median Annual: $64,437
Marketing managers are key in helping shape their departmental goals, and also develop an important segment an organization’s revenue.

6. Program Manager

Median Annual: $94,371
Another high paying position that comes with an extreme amount of responsibility. Program mangers oversee the development of software and manage a team of computer programmers.

5. Product Manager

Median Annual: $81,865
Product managers oversee daily operations and strategies of an organization’s specific product line.

4. Sales Engineer

Median Annual: $71,283
This tricky position requires a high level of technical sophistication combined with the skilled acumen of a sales profession. Sales engineers sell complex scientific and technological products or services to businesses.


Median Annual: $43,663
We already know being a teacher is hard but apparently the low pay and unpredictable hours with students takes its toll on many in the profession.

2. Registered Nurse

Median Annual: $60,857
While nursing can be a rewarding career, its also wrought with difficulties including long hours, difficult working conditions and often emotional demands.

1. Security Officer

Median Annual: $29,641
Who knew? Security officers receive a low standard wage and often work late night hours in sometimes dangerous conditions. That apparently is a good recipe for “Unhappiest Job in America.”

What have been your experiences in today’s workforce? Please let us know in the comment section below.


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