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Top 7 Reasons To Study Hospitality And Tourism

Top 7 Reasons To Study Hospitality And Tourism

Studying hospitality and tourism is a great option for an individual who wants a job outside of the regular 9 to 5 routine. In order to be truly successful in this role, you need to be passionate about travelling and have great communication skills that really engage people. You should also enjoy being social and collaborating within a team setting.

A degree in hospitality and tourism is much more than just hotels, tourist destinations and entertainment facilities. The course will introduce students to the industries of marketing, management and many more.

With a degree in the field of hospitality and tourism you can gain the benefits listed below:

  1. Worldwide opportunities

The hospitality and tourism sector is among one of the quickest developing areas of work on the planet. The government in Australia has developed the Tourism Employment Plan and another Tourism Employment Plan Advisory Service to help travel organisations overcome the challenges of enrolment, maintenance and lack of skills. The employment opportunities are ample and not simply in Australia; you can find an occupation in many places across the globe!

  1. Transferable skills

Students will learn a number of different skills throughout their degree in the areas of business management, advertising, HR, sustainability, project management and many more. Students will leave the programme with a number of valuable and applicable skills that are suitable for a wide range of vocations.

  1. Have an impact

Environmental issues are one of the biggest factors effecting modern day tourism; as a student, you will learn about sustainable tourism and how the negative effects of travel can be mitigated. With many individuals choosing to holiday each year, the travel industry has a responsibility to provide a service that is ethical including helping to drive money into the economy of poorer countries and reducing the effects of pollution.

  1. Flexibility

For those wanting a flexible role, hospitality and tourism is excellent as those working in the sector will often work outside of the conventional 9 to 5 hours. Whether you want to work in a resort, plane, cruise ship or a hotel, there are many different options in terms of working hours.

  1. A great choice for the future

One of the best advantages of studying this particular degree is that students will be taught business management skills. Although the course will focus on the management of hotels and the hospitality industry, these administration abilities can be applied to a wide range of organisations that might be of interest to students in the future.

  1. Wide range of fields

Through this four year course, students are taught how to manage everything from the cleaning staff to customer support teams; they will need to have an understanding of how each component of a business can impact customer satisfaction. Students can apply this learning to different sectors including: food production, entertainment, HR, accounting and tourism.

  1. A job you love!

Individuals in this industry enjoy their jobs for several reasons. Initially, they are always presented with new opportunities and meeting new people from everywhere into the world. Rather than having a job, they have a series of experiences. Working in travel and hospitality is an ideal way to explore the world and do a job that is different every day.

Hence it’s very clear that Hospitality and Tourism industry has a lot of potential and when it comes to competition level, if you compare with the other industries the competition to get a job in hospitality and tourism is relatively low.


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