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Top Careers in New York City to Avoid

Top Careers in New York City to Avoid
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Careers to Avoid #3: Music Singer

Pay for Music Singers: $36.28 (hourly wage in NYC)

Expected Growth by 2020: 5%

Number of Singers in NYC: 4,530

Why You Should Avoid it:

While many people dream of moving to NYC to become the next big Broadway hit, it’s a challenging road to the top.

If you’re not passionate and willing to give up everything to realize your dream, singing is a career in NYC to avoid.

With a low growth rate and major competition, being a famous singer in NYC is a very difficult career to pursue.

Alternative Career to Pursue: Multimedia Artist

Annual Salary for Multimedia Artists: $68,570 (median salary in NYC)

Expected Growth by 2020: 6%

Number of Multimedia Artists in NYC: 2,280

Why You Should Pursue it:

If your passion is in music, consider the role of Audio or Multimedia Producer, where you’ll handle the technical side of the audio and/or video on major motion pictures, Broadway, and television.

At the very least, consider this a career while you pursue your dream of being a singer.

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