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Top Careers in New York City to Avoid

Top Careers in New York City to Avoid
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Careers to Avoid #2: Waiter/Waitress

Annual Salary for Waiters/Waitresses: $19,110 (median salary in NYC)

Expected Growth by 2020: 6%

Number of Waiters and Waitresses in NYC: 76,400

Why to You Should Avoid It:

Becoming a Waiter or Waitress is the first step for many aspiring actors, writers, and musicians who’ve moved to the city to chase their dreams.

While this is historically the part-time career of passionate people, it’s one of the biggest careers in NYC to avoid.

Low pay and low growth means you’ll be working long hours for a short check, and the competition for job openings is fierce.

Alternate Career to Pursue: Executive Assistant

Annual Salary for Executive Administrative Assistants: $66,240 (median salary in NYC)

Expected Growth by 2020: 12%

Number of Executive Administrative Assistants in NYC: 50,550

Why You Should Pursue it:

Instead of joining the wait staff at a busy restaurant, consider becoming an Executive Administrative Assistant.

There’s no minimum education required, you’ll work shorter hours, and earn twice the pay.

It may not sound as Hollywood as busing tables while waiting for your big break, but you’ll live a more comfortable life and garner valuable experience that will open opportunities for better positions and pay.

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