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Top Tips When Moving Into Student Accommodation

Top Tips When Moving Into Student Accommodation

Moving onto higher education for the first time can be extremely exciting and also quite daunting all at the same time. For the majority of students, this will mark the first time that they have lived on their own and enjoyed their own independence and freedom away from their parents. One of the most exciting things about starting higher education is that you will also be moving in with lots of other students and experiencing this new dynamic. However, having lots of students living under one roof can quickly cause disputes and so it is important that you establish some good ground rules to maintain good relationships with those you are living with.

Here, we are taking you through some of our top tips when moving into student accommodation.

Be Considerate with Shared Facilities

One of the biggest causes of disputes amongst students living together is being considerate of those who you are living with when it comes to shared facilities. For example, the kitchen and bathroom are both areas of the home which should be properly maintained, kept clean and you should be considerate not to take up lots of time in these rooms. So, don’t leave dirty dishes lying around, wash u after yourself and leave everything clean and tidy after you are finished.

Pool Money Together for Essentials

While everyone will have their own student checking accounts set up (if you don’t have a student bank account, this should be on your priority list before starting), it is also important that you have some sort of shared account too which can act as a kitty. Arguments can quickly arise when there is only one person buying the essentials in the home such as bread, milk, cleaning products and so on so forth. All of the products that everyone in the accommodation uses! Have everyone transfer a set amount into this shared kitty or bank account every month to avoid these arguments.


A big cause of tension in accommodation filled with students is when people start to get into relationships. Partners will tend to stay over in the accommodation a lot and this can quickly make other housemates feel uncomfortable as no one wants to have to avoid certain areas of their own home to try and bypass people. This is something that everyone in the accommodation will need to openly communicate about and it is important that no one feels like new partners are being moved in for free!


Finally, the last thing that you will need to be considerate about when you move into a flat with students is the noise levels. Most people have a very active social life while they are living as a student, but there will also be certain times where people will be wanting to study or get enough rest so that they can perform their best. Little things such as using headphones instead of blasting music in your room is sure to be greatly appreciated by others.

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