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Twitter Is the Only Real-Time Job Board – Do You Tweet Yet?

Twitter Is the Only Real-Time Job Board – Do You Tweet Yet?
Joshua Waldman

Did you know that there are thousands of new jobs posted on Twitter each day?

Imagine you are a small company, and you are growing rapidly despite the naysayers in the news about the economy. It’s time to hire a full-time sales person.

Will you spend $600-$800 to post on Monster?

Will you enjoy being spammed when posting jobs on Craigslist, just to get an entry-level person?

I doubt it!

I would prefer to get a referral to fill my position. And I trust my friends on Facebook and Twitter to be my referral network for several reasons.

First, it’s free.

Second, I know these people who may know other people I know.

As a matter of fact, this is exactly the thought process going through the minds of thousands of hiring managers every day.

And the benefit to you is that you get to reply to the job minutes after it has been posted.

Are you Tweeting yet?

Twitter Resources for Job Seekers

  1. TwitterJobSearch.com
  2. TweetMyJobs.com
  3. Follow @Microjobs and use their service to grow your network
  4. NearbyTweets to look for job openings in your area.
  5. Read Teen’s great new book on Twitter job seeking

job search
Joshua Waldman

Joshua Waldman, author of JOB SEARCHING WITH SOCIAL MEDIA FOR DUMMIES, is the founder of Career Enlightenment which offers professional LinkedIn profile writing services and career advice for the modern job seeker.

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