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Unsung Heroes: The Benefits of the Teaching Profession

Unsung Heroes: The Benefits of the Teaching Profession

What would we be without teachers, our unsung heroes? Educators share and pass down knowledge from generation to generation, impacting the lives of many people, and literally changing the future. They inspire even more people and change the course of life for many a student.

If you’re a student looking to become a teacher in the future, you’ll be glad to learn the job has its perks. If you’re looking to change careers, you will also love today’s post. We cover several benefits of being a teacher, so you can dive in without any hesitation.

The Benefits of Being a Teacher

Teaching is a great profession especially for people with the caregiver archetype. It is a fabulous career choice for people who love helping the world become a better place by sharing knowledge. Nowadays, there are many possibilities in the teaching profession.

As long as you earn your stripes, you can be anything you want in the field of teaching. That being said, let us quickly go over some of the benefits of becoming a teacher. There are many benefits, without a doubt, but we’ll highlight five major ones. If that sounds great, walk with me. 

Flexible Work Hours & Plenty of Holidays

Teachers enjoy more flexibility at the workplace compared to many other professions. Students need to be school for six hours only, meaning you can build a life around your teaching profession. In other words, teaching offers a lot of work-life balance.

Additionally, you can nix the nanny when you have school-going kids. Why? Because they will spend the whole day at school learning, just like you! You leave together in the morning, and meet again after school, so you can spend some ample time with your family.

On top of that, teachers get a lot of holidays. Think of summer and winter holidays. Yeah, there is spring break too. I can’t think of many professions that come with this privilege. When schools close for summer, you can book a holiday in Hawaii and just kick it. Besides, you can get a part-time job or teach summer school for that extra coin 😊

In general, teachers work lesser day hours and enjoy more holidays than many other professions. As a teacher, you will be able to do your job, and get enough time to live your life like a boss. Well, most of the times, because other times, you’ll work long hours. It happens in every job at times.

Always Learning and Growing

Are you the inquisitive type? Are you curious and would like to learn something new every new day? If so, becoming a teacher is a no brainer. The teaching profession offers you a lot of opportunities to build up on your knowledge.

Or as Aristotle puts it, “Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.” As a teacher, you’ll learn so much on the job, more than your corporate counterparts. Teaching is an active profession, and no day is the same. The engagements you make with students and staff will broaden your scope of thinking.

Other than that, teaching allows you to bring new knowledge to the table. Teachers are usually adept researchers who go great lengths to pass as much relevant information as possible. Researching your topics, and related ideas, will grow your knowledge tenfold. Usually, many other professions don’t involve a lot of research. They say it takes 10,000 hours (or three years) to become an expert in any field. As a teacher, you’ll become an expert in your field and that’s guaranteed.

To boot, teaching offers you a lot of opportunities for personal growth. The students you inspire will remember you for years to come, and their success will make feel amazing. Besides, you can learn a lot from your colleagues at work. You’ll make life-long friendships to with both students and other teachers. 

Being the Unsung Hero

Teachers are indeed the unsung heroes of all times although they don’t get the credit they truly deserve. Remember back in school how a specific teacher changed your life for the better. Without teachers, some of us, yours truly included, would have ended up in a bad place in life.

Teachers inspire many students, changing their future for the better. If we weren’t mincing words, we can say teachers are the architects who make the future possible for many people across the globe. When your share your passion, excitement and enthusiasm, it’s contagious, and it will rub off on your students in all the good ways.

At times, you’re the only person a particular student can rely on. They can let their guard down with you, and not anybody else. And when the light bulb goes off in their mind, you’ll know for sure that you’ve opened a door that would have otherwise remained closed.

So, get ready to be the unsung hero. Also, get ready to be invited to birthdays, weddings, holidays and other events your students organize in the future. You’re their hero, since you inspired them to pursue their goals and dreams, ultimately changing their adult life for the better.

Will your students invent a cure for AIDS in the future? Will they combat and beat cancer? Becoming a teacher allows you to play an active role in inspiring students, and influencing what and who they become, not only professionally, but also personally.

Enjoy Perks & Discounts That Come with the Job

As a teacher, you will enjoy many discounts and perks that come with the job. For starters, you can’t beat the job security of a teacher. Provided you’ve earned your stripes, and do you job professionally, you’ll never lack a job. Teachers are hardly laid off because education is a vital sector of any country.

That aside, teachers enjoy a lot of discounts simply because they are educators. For instance, you’ll gain access to discounts on a number of professional items like memberships, classroom materials, books and craft items. But not all the discounts are teaching related. Teachers also enjoy perks in their personal lives from entertainment, retail and apparel, home furnishings, jewelry, travel, tech, fitness, and so much more. In fact, over 90 retailers offer fantastic discounts for teachers in the U.S.

A lot of financial products are discounted as well. For example, it’s easy to get discounts on your car insurance as a teacher. Many insurance companies don’t have qualms about rewarding you as an educator, because teachers – according to data – are generally good drivers. Teachers also enjoy discounts on car purchases from manufacturers like GM and car rentals too.

Teachers enjoy more discounts than we have room to list. A simple Google search shows you just how much teachers enjoy huge discounts. So next time you’re at your favorite shopping location, remember to claim your discounts 😊

Fresh Start Each Year

As a teacher, you will never be bored. Some days, you might work impossible hours grading students and planning your lessons, but most times, you’ll be having fun teaching your students. I have taught two classes in my life, and it was exciting. We would laugh in the classes and learn new stuff daily. I became so close with some of my students that we are still friends today, many years later.

Every year, you have a fresh start, with new students coming in. You get the chance to inspire another group of people and learn even more. You also face new challenges and make even more friends. You will make connections and generally have fun impacting knowledge.

The best part comes when you know you’ve changed someone’s life for the better, even if you have to wait years for the results of your hard work. All the same, your day is never the same. Teachers have a great time, both at and out of school.


Becoming a teacher is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Just remember teachers are born, not made. You must have true passion for the profession, or else you won’t have much fun. Still, the teaching profession comes with many benefits that are hard to ignore.

Are you planning to become a teacher? If so, I urge you to take the plunge.


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