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Update Your Essay with an Awesome Outline

Update Your Essay with an Awesome Outline

Writing an essay is a tough task and little wonder then that many students don’t like it. It takes a lot of time and getting started is a big problem.   Your teachers use essays to evaluate your understanding of complex concepts and also to improve your critical thinking skills. Writing an essay improves your communication skills and it also prepares you for the many writing tasks you will do in your life. However, it is a task that requires a lot of time, intense research and this is the reason many students abhor essay writing. Many students today prefer to buy thesis papers, essays, dissertations and other academic papers from professionals. If you are stuck with your essay, it is easy to move forward by creating a detailed outline. An outline provides a roadmap for your paper and helps organize your thoughts.

This article highlights the crucial role of an outline in essay writing and how you can create one. Keep reading.

Why You Need an Essay Outline

Once you have brainstormed ideas for your essay, created a thesis and identified research sources, it is important to take a step back and craft a structure for your essay. An outline details where each idea in your essay will fit and it serves as a roadmap for the paper. It makes the writing process run smoothly by providing the necessary ideas you need through every stage of your paper.

With a well-detailed outline, you know where every crucial point will go and there is no risk of getting stuck along the way. According to a writing process review published by the Michigan Technological University, writing an outline makes the otherwise tedious essay process bliss for the student.

In summary, an essay outline keeps you focused and motivated. In case you have a writer’s block along the way, you can always go back to the outline to get inspiration and move on. With a clear outline, you have a better chance of writing a winning essay which will, in turn, lead to a better score.

Using an Essay Outline to Upgrade Your Essay

Now that you appreciate the crucial role of an essay outline, you need to learn how to come up with a well-planned one. You can upgrade your ordinary essay topic into a winning essay through an outline. Here is how:

  1. Go Through the Assignment Instructions

Never rush to start a writing project without fully understanding what your professor wants. Every college has unique essay writing requirements and you need to find these before you start working on your essay. If need be, ask for clarification from your professor and you will not have problems in the course of the essay writing process.

  1. write the Topic, Thesis, Purpose and Identify Your Audience

Once you have chosen a topic, get a piece of paper and write it down. You need to find a purpose for your essay before you start your research. At this point, it is also important to identify your audience to ensure you write for them. You also need to write your thesis statement on the piece of paper.

  1. Create an Essay Outline

At this point, you should create an outline for your essay structure. It should include:

  • Introduction

This section also includes a thesis statement and its objective is to captivate the reader and introduce them into your essay’s world. It is a transition section which should smoothly move the reader from their world into your world. Make sure you use attention-grabbing techniques such as questions, anecdotes, quick stats, controversial/shocking fact. At the same time, you need to show your reader why this essay is necessary. This section is brief and concise.

  • Body

This is the meat of your essay and it should be in paragraphs. Each paragraph must have a new idea introduced with a topic sentence. Include supporting evidence for each idea in every paragraph.

  • Conclusion

In your outline, you should restate your thesis and connect it with your findings. Don’t include new ideas but only one to three insightful sentences to support your thesis based on your arguments. The conclusion should leave the reader with no doubt.

When you start writing your essay, you will find it easy referring to the outline and crossing out as you move along. A good outline must be flexible because new ideas might emerge and should also be easy to read and understand. If pressed for time, use a searching engine and search “professional essay writer to myhomeworkdone.com.”


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