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What Is HSE Training and Who Should Enroll?

What Is HSE Training and Who Should Enroll?

Did you know on average 275 people die each day in 2019, due to workplace injuries and related illnesses? Health, safety, and environment training are important to incorporate into your workplace training.

What is HSE training? Keep reading, and we will walk you through the ins and outs of health, safety, and environment training and why it’s essential for your business.

HSE Training Definition

HSE training breaks down by definition to health, safety, and environment training. The training refers to laws, rules, regulations, jobs, programs, and what your company does to protect the health and safety of its employees.

Health involves what can make you sick at work or put your health at risk. Harmful airborne particulates or radiation are examples of health risks. Or this can reference something that can harm you when you’re exposed, such as a loud noise.

Safety includes anything that can cause injuries in your workplace. For example, if you are working on a construction site and get hit by a forklift, this could lead to severe and long-lasting injuries.

The environment refers to any hazards or dangerous parts that come with your job. For example, spills in the environment or a natural disaster.

You need to make HSE training across your company mandatory because you want to keep all your employees informed. They need to be aware of the potential risks and how you plan to handle any dangerous situations.

What is HSE Training?

HSE training can vary based on what the employee does, and there can be individual and group training sessions.

There is newcomer workplace safety training for new hires. The new hire training is for all employees, whether you will be working in the office or the field.

There may be misconceptions that not everyone needs safety training. You want to make sure that everyone, including corporate employees, receives HSE training.

There are courses if you need to drive a car for your job, which includes accident prevention. This training also includes delivering goods and car safety.

There is training for employees lifting heavy materials and other hazardous materials. Your company wants to make sure that you can address any dangerous situations in the field.

There is also training for managers to prepare them to answer questions about safety. You also want to make sure as leaders they enforce the rules.

There are ways you make HSE training fun with games and competitions. There are safety training word games, such as Wheel of Fortune, or you can create your jeopardy with teams and little prizes.

Get Prepared

What is HSE training? Now that you know the three key parts, health, safety, and environment, you are ready to prep your employees.

HSE training is essential for every company, whether you have people working on a site with hazardous materials or you’re more geared toward corporate offices.

Start creating an interactive and fun HSE training game or keep reading about how to succeed in your undergrad education here!


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