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What to consider when thinking about a career in IT

What to consider when thinking about a career in IT

Taking the first steps on a new career path can be a daunting prospect. Whether you are just leaving full time education, have been taking extra classes to gain qualifications or are changing from another job, choosing the right direction can be one of the biggest life choices you will ever make.

When it comes to graduates, a career in IT is an increasingly popular choice. For one thing, the way that the business world relies so heavily on information and communications technologies across the spectrum means that skilled and qualified personnel are constantly in demand. The opportunities for advancement and the great reward packages on offer are also a real inducement.



Many different qualifications can be used to gain a foothold in the world of IT. From basic computing skills through to more specialized engineering disciplines, a wide range of jobs are on offer than will suit every level of skill and experience.

On the job training has always been a way that true specialists learn their trade and progress, and that’s equally true in the world of IT today. Because the technology itself is moving ahead so quickly, desire and ambition are equally valued alongside older qualifications and experience.


Freelance roles

As with most other areas of the job market, the IT sector has undergone something of a revolution in recent years when it comes to the way freelance workers are employed. Because of the nature of the needs of the industry, and also because many small firms who need skills and expertise on a case by case basis, freelance workers can be the perfect solution for many businesses.

For instance, a small company may not be able to afford a permanent member of staff to cover irregular IT duties, while a larger corporation might need many hands working over a short time period to implement a new system or strategy. This is why IT freelancers and contractors are in such great demand.



Some people are put off from the idea of being a freelancer because they think there will be too many complications. For others, the life/work balance offered by working for themselves means that it is the perfect solution. Administration can be a worry but this can be handled by an umbrella company allowing a contractor to get on with his or her work. An umbrella company is a third party entity that looks after all the details such as tax and involving on behalf of a contractor or freelancer. This means that you can simply get on with the job at hand and not need to worry about the mundane details that could otherwise cost you time and money if you didn’t get them right.


Forward looking

The IT industry is probably the most forward-looking field of work to be involved in, so it’s no surprise that new ways of doing things are pretty much standard for those who choose to be involved.

Having a career in IT not only means you are continually working at the cutting edge, but it is also future-proofed in as much as businesses of all kinds will forever be looking to take advantage of developments in IT to stay one step ahead of their rivals.


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