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What to do After Your Wedding Day

What to do After Your Wedding Day

Sending a thank you note, is perhaps the most important thing you must do a day or two after your wedding day. If you don’t have a clue on how to design your own thank you cards, then you can turn to Banana Print , to help you with the most stunning, and memorable thank you cards you can conveniently and proudly send to your well-wishers and wedding guests. Aside from sending out thank you cards, there are several other things you need to do after your wedding day, and one of such is to get your wedding dress cleaned.

Say “Thank You” to your wedding invitees

Most couples dread writing to their wedding guests, and if you imagine sitting down and writing more than 100 personalized notes to different people, you will definitely want to find an alternative to such. For all the gifts received after the wedding, the rule, according to Insane visions, is to send out “Thank You” to your guests within 30 days after the wedding, especially after you return from your honeymoon. To make this process easier, you can dedicate sending a dozen “Thank you” notes to your guests on daily basis, but this may mean that you will end up spending more than a month to send the greetings (if you delay until after your honeymoon). To make things a lot easier, you should design your own thank you cards, at Banana Print and get such postcards delivered online or via the mailbox of the recipients.

Get your wedding dress preserved

According to Insane Visions, It makes sense to wait for a few days after your wedding to get your wedding dresses cleaned, it also makes even more sense to wait until after 5 weeks after the wedding to get the wedding dress preserved. Your wedding gown deserves the best treatment if you hope to pass it down to your daughter someday, hence you need to get it cleaned by a professional wedding gown cleaner, hence you need to ask the beauty store where the gown is purchased, to recommend a perfect cleaner for the piece. The wedding gowns beadworks, train length, and even stain damage, must be handled by a wedding gown perfectionist, likewise, the gown must be preserved by protecting it from adverse temperatures, moisture and direct exposure to sunlight.

Create your wedding album

Not all wedding photography packages will include wedding albums or prints, and for this reason, you need to spare some time and settle down to the difficult tasks of choosing the photos to want to include in the album, and how you want them preserved. If you don’t prioritize this step, you can be guaranteed that you may never have a wedding album even few years after your wedding. According to experts at Wedding wire, settling for the right wedding images can take an average of 6 hours hence you should expect it to be a very easy and quick task, even if you will make your selections with your partner. Choosing the right photos for your album will definitely be the payoff for the energy and resources you put into ensuring the success of the wedding.

To make this process simpler, experts suggest that you start off with 20-30 images that stand out as your favorites. During this stage, make sure you remove the poor or below average images such as those containing blinking guests. Once the first sorting is completed, you can group the photos into different categories such as; cocktail, ceremony, Reception, and Getting ready. Once you have grouped the pictures, it is time to determine how many pages you want in the album and keep arranging the images in categories, until you create a smooth and dynamic album that can tell a story.

Change your details

Change of name is not the only thing necessary after your wedding, you need to change some other vital information such as; social security card, license, Insurance policy, and Bank accounts. When changing names, you need to ensure that you change your last name on your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The raised seal on your marriage certificate will also include your new last name, and you may have to contact the clerk’s office to track down such changes.

To change your social security card details, you may have to contact the Social Security Admin website to fill out the application forms necessary and send them to the appropriate places. To change your licenses, you will have to go to the local DMV to apply for a new license with your new married name, in this case, you will have to bring every form of identification (including your social security card), to effect these changes. Changing your bank accounts is as important as changing other documents, and to do this you need to go to your local branch with your new marriage license. You can then request for new checks, debit and credit cards.

In conclusion, wedding experts do believe that the most important thing to do after your wedding is to appreciate your guests and this can best be handled with special “thank you” cards.


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