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Where A Business Mindset Can Take You

Where A Business Mindset Can Take You

You can’t remember how many late nights and hours you spent reading through business texts for your degree. Countless times you had worry creep in but eventually, you passed all your exams and got your business degree. So now what do you do? Well, the normal route would be to look for a job working in a business. It’s common knowledge and widely accepted that even though you may have great grades and show you have done extracurricular activities in the world of business, you’ll still start at the bottom. But you think surely it will all pay out in the end if you land your perfect dream job and start earning a fantastic salary. But isn’t this kind of following the ABC of life? It’s almost as if you pen yourself in and don’t want to venture outside of what you could possibly do. You don’t have to work in business just because you have a business degree. On the contrary their lots of occupations that could use someone like you.

Making things happen

The construction industry is different to the academic world. That’s not to say that there aren’t academic qualities that construction companies want. It’s that right from the offset, youngsters are trained into constructions courses. This is mainly done by companies offering apprenticeships and specific colleges. They are in very distinct ways separate from the rest of the normal college study such as English, Mathematics and Theater. However, some with a business degree can work as a construction manager. Someone with statistical knowledge, a business mindset and an ability to maintain and organize people is greatly desired in the construction industry. You’ll have advisors to inform you about structural integrity and design, but a business approach to a project is needed to keep everything running smooth. Operational costs, saving, efficiency and managing a project to specific schedules are the types of things you’ll be in charge of.

Pulling the levers

In everyday life, our jobs are the most important thing to us outside of our family and friends. We take our occupations very seriously and we try our best to be our best. But like every sophisticated civilization, like a pyramid authority trickles downhill. If you have a business degree you automatically qualify for a job in government. Just take a look at the Michele Reagan twitter page. Here is a woman that graduated from university and then became the owner of a small business. She is now the Secretary of State of Arizona. She helped to create a $379 million surplus in 2012; this was coming out of the recession of 2008. On her page, you can see her love for small business and fight for their concerns in government. She’s been awarded many accolades by the small businesses she makes policies to support. One of which is the ‘Small Business Guardian’ award by the National Federation of Independent Business. So, you don’t need to get into business to fulfil whatever you think is the norm for your business degree. Politics is more than welcoming to people with knowledge about how to run and support businesses through the action levers of government policy.

A business mindset can take you anywhere in the world. When you see the world through a logistical and visionary lens, managing a project comes naturally; no matter what industry it is.


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