Small Changes To Make Your Search Great

Frustrating Internship Search? Small Changes Make Big a Difference

Frustrating Internship Search? Small Changes Make Big a Difference
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Yesterday, I came across a series of tweets from an internship seeker that caused me to stop what I was doing.

  • “I can’t find an internship… I’ve applied to everything.”
  • “Feels like I applied to a hundred internships.”
  • “Is anyone out there hiring?!”
  • “I was up til 2am applying for internships.”

The despair was palpable.

While I understand the anguish, and know this is far too common an occurrence for many students and recent grads, my appeal to those in this situation is this: Make a change. Make several changes!

Stop doing the same thing over and over… and expecting different results.

No doubt: there are candidates out there who are doing everything possible to find an internship and may still be having trouble. And I don’t want to sound like a Pollyanna by saying “just make a change and everything will be okay.”

We know better.

But for those candidates really struggling to find an internship (and you know who you are)… what are you waiting for? Make a change!

The list of opportunities for improvements is nearly endless:

  • Self-learn best practices (YouTern is just one of many high-quality resources available)
  • Find a mentor… perhaps even develop a personal board of advisors
  • Utilize free online resources and classes to improve your skills
  • Engage in a Twitter chat, which typically feature many experienced people who love to help struggling candidates
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities, both online and in your city

I could go on and on…

The opportunities for improvement are there. Almost all of them are free. Most can be done around your existing schedule; some can be implemented in just a few minutes!

If the set of tweets at the beginning of this post resonated with you…

Make some small changes to your approach. You’ll see a big difference.

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