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Why choose Delhi for masters in Fashion Designing

Why choose Delhi for masters in Fashion Designing

If Mumbai is the sprawling metropolis with skyscrapers and Kolkata is the quaint hamlet with writers smoking in dim lit cafes, Delhi is where the old world stone meets the new world steel. The roads and the wavy roundabouts littered with national monuments reminds one of the regal powers that linger and shape the vibe of the city. It is no surprise then that it is being referred to by many as the new fashion capital of India. Delhi is everything you expect from the capital of the largest democracy in the world; noisy but serenading, dirty but imposing, chaotic but classy.

A rich variety of fashion design courses to choose from

In the middle of this bustling city and its winding alleys littered by start-up boutiques, you will also find the best fashion design courses in Delhi, which makes it a perfect destination for your all-round development. These courses offer both hands-on industry experience and a rich curriculum, training you not only in design, basic skills, but also on the business and language of fashion.

Most masters’ level courses will accept you with a bachelors in any field. Institutes such as NIFT will accept a bachelors’ degree from any recognised institute, or a 3-year diploma from NIFT or NID. Some institutes also offer a lateral entry directly into year 2 if you have a diploma in a related field of study. Make sure you do your research and find a course that is right for you.

To get a glimpse of what is in store for you when you decide to do your masters in fashion designing in Delhi, look out for the right college by doing thorough research about the course and its structure. These courses also offer you a gateway into some of the most reputed fashion brands in the country. Academies routinely place students at brands like H&M, UCB, Amazon, Marks and Spencer, and more.

A rich pool of designers

Straying from the conventional idea of the city as a bureaucratic paradise, with its button-down shirts and Ambassadors, it is start-ups like designer Sanjay Garg’s Raw Mango that have embraced Delhi as a melting pot to tell its stories through their work. Garg’s designs celebrate the iconic Indian saree, and blend it with modern comfort, athletic, to revive the quirks and the elegance of an era gone by. The designs are reminiscent of the integrity and the set-in-stone power that converged to build this country on the streets of Delhi.

Fashion Designer Sunil Dhir on the other hand tells the story of the many rebellions that have come to define our democracy. With looser, bolder weaves, Dhir’s designs tell the story of a newer, more ambitious generation that has sought to refine the contours of the city in the image of their self-expression. Kuldeep Kaur, owner of design firm, Serendipity Delhi comments in an interview, “Western designers are used to expressing their individuality. For Delhi, it is entirely new. It’s an exciting time to create and shop in the city.”

A massive market and infrastructure

It is no surprise therefore, that Delhi is home to many new design markets, blending the modern with the traditional. Markets like Tibetan market, Majnu Ka Tilla, Shahpur Jat, Dilli Haat, Sarojini Nagar are exploding with millions of people wanting to get their hands on latest fashion. This market and the newfound appetite of Delhiites for fashion are fuelled by both private and public investment in the capital’s fashion infrastructure. A visit to the National Crafts Museum confirms the fact that Delhi is a repository of the forgotten indigenous culture of fabric weaving from all around the country. Whereas, fashion is increasingly being homogenized by the mass marketed brands like H&M and Levi’s, Delhi makes the traditional cool again. It is this eclectic mix, of the modern, the traditional, the infrastructure, and the presence of premier fashion design courses, that makes it worthwhile to do your fashion design PG in Delhi.

A great destination overall

Delhi is also home to some of the most successful fashion designers in the country, like Payal Jain, Mira Gulati, Pernia Quereshi, Atsu Sekhose, Swati Mehrotra, and many others. Delhi hosts India’s largest Design festival, India Design ID, where popular designers of the city mentor newbies. A successful career, in addition to talent (which we’re sure you have), trainings (which you can get at the myriad fashion design courses in Delhi), and inspiration (which you will find aplenty here), also requires the presence of illustrious mentors. With the opportunities that Delhi offers, you will find the perfect mixed bag that will give you memories and experiences worth a lifetime and contribute to your growth as a designer and as a person.

As you venture out to do your masters in fashion design, there must be a lot of questions on your mind. However, with the right advice, the right amount of mentorship, and in the right environment, you will be able to find the light at the end of the uncertainty. So come, experience the city of Delhi, and find your excellence at the fashion design courses in Delhi.


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