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Why You Should Use a Video Maker for Your CV

Why You Should Use a Video Maker for Your CV

You’re probably months away and feel like graduation day is way too far in the future. Well, you shouldn’t wait ‘til the last minute to get your resume done. Before you know it, the job market will be full of young people chasing your dream job too. The advice from experts: if you use a video maker, you’ll not only create an amazing video instead of a plain CV, but an inspiring video to get you into the hiring process even before graduating. 

Where to start? Keep it simple. This video is to introduce yourself, briefly describe what you want to do for a living, and talk about what you’ve accomplished so far. Another pro-tip: leave irrelevant information out, keep in mind that job seekers take about 7.4 seconds to evaluate your resume, according to a recent study

  • It doesn’t have to be a whole presentation yet, instead, try an intro maker to set the first impression and you can add video subtitles with that with the help of a Teleprompter app. This will look more professional.

Stand out Before Job Interviews

When you’re freshly out on the job market, employers will expect you to know the how-to on basic tasks to complete daily assignments and will ask some general questions during interviews. If you feel your experience isn’t strong enough yet to catch their attention, try sending a video. 

  • You can use a video maker to show them who you are, why you’re the best suit for the job and why they should consider you for an interview.

Be the Extraordinary Prospect for the Job

There are tons of PDF or .doc resumes sent to employers daily, therefore, a video resume will stand out as your first contact with prospective employers. This is the moment to tell a compelling career story. 

  • Use this logo maker to create the graphic statement you need for your visual content. 

Emphasize What You’re Good At

Perhaps at this point in your undergrad studies, you are good at many things, try to narrow it down to a few and make a list. Interviewers tend to work with tight schedules and even if they’re interested, they don’t have a lot of time to ask you about your whole history and academic records. 

  • Grab your future employer’s attention creating exceptional content. Be sure to include a new logo design that speaks for you the most. 

Become Your Own Brand

Don’t forget you are your own brand while introducing yourself to the person who will potentially hire you, so be ready to bring your A-game. Make an effort to tell who you really are and become a strong competitor by branding your video CV

  • You can use a logo creator and get it done in just a few steps. 

Highlight Your Career Goals

Having little experience should not bring you down when using a video maker for your first resume. Focus on what you want to achieve and tell an inspiring and unique story about your future-self in this entry-level job.

Remember that creating an eye-catching resume, especially on video, will get you bonus points before the interviewing process. Employers will feel they already know you beforehand.

Be bold to get your dream job! Explore different tools on Placeit to transform your professional resume into a creative video.

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