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You’ve Had Some Success, But Now You Need More

You’ve Had Some Success, But Now You Need More

No matter what you have done or achieve in life, it is never wise to rest on your laurels, no matter how successful you may consider yourself. The thing about success is that it doesn’t last forever and it requires a consistent follow up to step further and achieve more.

Because, success is addictive. Once you’ve had a taste, you will be wanting more and more. When this happens, it can be increasingly difficult to satiate your appetite. So how does one go about striving for this further success?


As anyone will tell you, always trying to improve on yourself will lead to constant attempts to one-up whatever you have done before. For many, it can be difficult to decide just where to improve.

It is essential that you never consider yourself the finished product; if you do, it will only lead to stagnation and then regression. When it comes to self-improvement, searching out new ways to be better has never been easier. Undertaking endeavours such as seeking out further education online, or discovering one of the myriad of options available will always find you aching to broaden your horizons.


Sure, this can be scary, intimidating, even to some extent absolutely terrifying. But no one got anywhere in life by toeing the line and playing it safe. With the number of opportunities on offer, there is always something to explore and take a chance.

Jumping into the unknown can often lead you down paths you previously would not have considered taking. It has the potential to help you discover new and exciting activities, and help you develop a passion for something you may have before considered unusual. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie and want to climb mountains, or are bored of your surroundings and want a change of scenery; taking a risk might just unlock some hidden potential.


Take a look at what you have done so far in life and then consider the absolute opposite of what you consider to be comfortable. It probably feels a bit like putting on wet socks knowing they are wet. But that’s the point.

Facing your fears, whether it be professionally, personally, or socially will give your already swelling confidence a boost throughout the entire experience. Confronting the very things that make you squirm – even if it isn’t creepy-crawlies or snakes – will make you feel invigorated like you can take on the world. So, it doesn’t matter if it is taking on extra responsibilities or overcoming your fear of public speaking by performing at open-mic night, you will walk out after it is done rejuvenated.

If your only goal is to improve on yourself, then you will always be on the road to overcoming what you once believed was impossible. Success is addictive and for the truly driven among us, one plaudit is never enough. By endeavouring to smash your own records, as well as everyone else’s you can guarantee you will looking forward to success for as long as you need.

Success Outside of Class

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