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5 Tips for Recent College Graduates

5 Tips for Recent College Graduates
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This is the time of year where some have just graduated college, or students are just starting back, with thoughts of walking across the stage on their mind. Not sure what your next step may be? Here are 5 tips that may lead you in the right direction.

Tips for College Graduates

Tip #1: Don’t Be Afraid to Move Home If You Need To
From personal experience, I know this choice may be a hard one, but it can really help out in the long run. This allows for you to save some extra money for your pocket, whether it is for your own place, going back to school, or getting a car. You’re an adult who has probably been on your own for the past couple of years, so you won’t be living there for supervision, just a place to live. You may still do things on your own, but remember: you’re under THEIR roof.

Tip #2: Is Graduate School Right for You?
Going back to school for a Master’s is a popular choice most young adults select after obtaining their Bachelor’s degree. Some choose to go right after graduating, or after a year or two of working in the real world. You may want to take some time to consider if going to graduate school is the right thing for you and your career.

Whatever your plan may be, it’s best to do some research and have a plan in place if a Master’s is in your future. Make a list of 10 schools you would like to go. Take entrance exams, such as the GRE, GMAT, or LSAT, to be prepared when the time comes to apply (most test scores are kept for 5 years until they are invalid). Talk with others in the program you would like to study. Graduate school is a big investment, so you should make sure this field is one you would like to work in for a while.

Tip #3: Consider Continuing Education Courses
Many people aren’t sure what they want to do upon graduating, but know that going back to school for another degree is not in their plan. Why not take additional classes, or earn a certification in a field you enjoy? Since you are already in the groove of school and that type of work, this should not be a big change from what you were doing before. Some also look to these classes to help them pick up a side job or start their own business. Baking, making clothes, and interior design may start off as a hobby, but could turn into your own entrepreneurial venture.

Tip #4: Continue Looking For a Job
Just because you don’t have a job upon graduation, does not mean the search should stop when your graduation date comes and goes. Your determination should only increase, since you now have a college degree. Some companies may choose not to hire someone until a degree is obtained, so don’t be afraid to follow up with companies you have already interviewed with, to see if a position is still available.

Tip #5: Use All Resources Around You
Who knows, you might have a friend who knows about an opening at their job, or your doctor may have graduated from the school you would like to obtain your master’s degree from. Networking should be a part of everyday life, not just when you need something. You shouldn’t feel like networking is only about asking others for a job. Finding common interests, or even asking someone about their day, can lead to new information that may help your professional growth.


Undergrad Success thanks myFootpath and Autumn Smith for this post! Autumn is a recent college graduate from DePaul University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and concentration in Sales Leadership. You may follow her on Twitter @miss_smiley10 where she has a weekly #MONEYmondays trending topic. Autumn currently works at the Chicago Tribune in Client Services, where she helps with home and store newspaper accounts. Her passion for helping others, whether it is at work, with school, resumes, or other aspects of professional development growth, shows throughout her everyday activities. With plans of going back to school and starting her own business, Autumn has taken much of her own advice and that of others into consideration for her own success.

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