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How To Prepare For A Panel Interview

How To Prepare For A Panel Interview
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Panel interviews are often the concluding step in the process of recruitment.

It constitutes a broader range of executive keen at making final assessment on whether to consider you for the job based on your qualifications.

Panel interview are essential for gaining an insight into the personality and the culture of the company.

A panel interview should be looked as an opportunity for proving your worth to group of people who are instrumental in making decision on who to employ for a given role in the company.

Here are some tips to preparing for a panel interview:

Be confident and prepared

One can gain confidence by researching and being over prepared. Look at what you know about the company in advance.

Know the vision, mission, philosophy and its esteemed customers. Read various articles including online newspapers and company’s virtual website.

Check the targeted company’s profile on social networks such Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Get to know the members who will be in the panel, their names and responsibilities they play.

This will assist you address every individual in panel by his or her name. It also gives you an insight into the questions they are likely to ask.

Practice the interview with few friends in the same jobs. A perfect way of electrifying the interviewers professionalism is by availing your academic testimonials and curriculum vitae.

Make an impressive start

Dressing smartly and neatly is critical for a successful interview. Dress with professionalism. Take few deep breaths and enter the room with enthusiasm and energy. An engaging demeanor and open expression are vital. The first impression you create to the panel will stick for a prolonged period of time. Show your readiness to tackle challenges and make an efficient start on the job. If an opportunity arises, great every member with a standing handshake while smiling as well as making an eye contact. Ask questions directly by addressing the member who asked the question.

Have the facts at your fingertips

All aspects of your academic portfolio should be at your fingertips so that you can refer the details when needed immediately.

A panel interview indicates that every company needs teamwork from their employees. Be conversant with your strength and weakness. Give example of experience that you have achieved significant results.

This question is common as most companies would want to know the value you will introduce to the company but not what you expect from them in terms of compensation.

Always try to compose your thought to avoid arriving at insignificant answers.

End positively

A crisp end is very important to the interviewer.

The last notion you build is likely to leave a lasting impression to the members of the panel.

Shake hands and show gratitude to each interviewer personally at the conclusion of the interview. More important, believe in yourself and be positive.


Panel interview is common practice undertaken by most companies when recruiting employees.

Attend an interview that you comprehend the technical facts needed for the job otherwise you will fail.

Technical questions asked in the interview are meant to assess your suitability in the role you are going to play.

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