Appreciative - Undergrad Success


The title of this chapter and attitude is appreciative. We’ll be discussing all that it means to be appreciative, including generosity, recognition and empathy.

What does it mean to be appreciative?

Being appreciative means that you’ve chosen to find the positive qualities in your life, in others and in their lives as well. You understand the situation exactly as it is without other expectations attached to it.

Why is being appreciative important?

Being appreciative reframes opportunities. Instead of getting upset about not having an interview, you’re appreciative of the opportunity to even apply for a job you want. Instead of being angry that you didn’t call back after the second interview, you’re appreciative of the opportunity to even have a second interview.

Being appreciative is important because it takes previous negativity and shifts it to being cognizant of the positive. Appreciation helps you grow, because you can begin to understand where you’re able to improve your life, as opposed to playing the victim role and complaining.

Appreciate the journey

This goes for everyone in your life. Our struggles are like no one else’s. They belong to us. And it makes no sense to compare. Show empathy for others and recognize their struggles are just as big of problems as yours. That’s the bottom line.

Success is not an overnight result. You won’t fully adapt any of these attitudes overnight, nor will you adapt them in a week. Play the long-term game. Play the discipline game. To do so, appreciate the journey. Get in the game for the long haul. You’ll have much more fun.

How do you become more appreciative?

1) Be generous – Counterintuitive? Maybe. But hear us out. Start doing things for others. Appreciate them for who they are and what gifts they’re sharing with the world. Appreciate their efforts. Attach no expectations. The funny thing about giving is that when you give, it’s returned tenfold. You just don’t when it’s going to happen. When it rains, it pours.

2) Practice self-love – Really believe in yourself, your gifts, talents and strengths. Self-love isn’t arrogance. It’s love. And it’s okay to love yourself. In fact, it’s key to appreciation. You can’t appreciate others until you appreciate yourself. Don’t burn out when things don’t go according to plan. Be resilient (hey, #9) and appreciate what is going well.

3) Appreciate others – Falling in line with #1, this is more about spoken appreciation. Tell others how much you appreciate the things they’ve done. Praise them for their work and their gifts. Notice how good that makes them feel. Notice how good it makes you feel. It’s win-win.

4) Empathize – Building any type of relationship requires empathy. Put yourself into the shoes of a friend or partner. How do they feel? Can you appreciate their circumstances even if they don’t?

Quick thoughts on courage in your job search:

Believe it or not, getting a job isn’t just about you. It’s about the employer too. And it’s important for the position to be a fit for both parties. Be certain to show empathy for your employers.

Ask them good questions and really understand what type of candidate they’re looking for. Seek to understand their company culture and communicate if you think it’ll be a good fit.

Appreciate your journey thus far, and appreciate the journey you’ve yet to embark on. It’ll be filled with ups and downs. But nothing will ever replace that. Revel in it.