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How to Avoid a Dead End Job and Find a Fulfilling Career

How to Avoid a Dead End Job and Find a Fulfilling Career

In the current economic climate, it can be difficult to get the job of your dreams as there are so many applicants for each one.  You should not give up though. You need to be properly prepared and be one step ahead of everyone else to stand the best chance of securing the job that will give you a fulfilling career.

Educate For Your Passion

When you head down a career path you have to realize that you will possibly be doing this type of work until you retire many years from now. Can you really imagine that, or does it fill you with dread? Not many people really know what they want to do when they start university opt college. They major in a subject they hope it might be useful. But quite often it isn’t.

You should look at what your passions are and educate yourself in them. If you have a love of books study to be a librarian or a writer. If flying is your passion, go to flight school and if you love serving delicious meals to your family and friends, perhaps you should consider becoming a chef. When your passion becomes your job the thought of doing it for the next 40 years or more is not quite so daunting.

Work Out Your Expectations

You need to consider what lifestyle you want to live. What hours do you want to work? How much salary are you expecting? Do you mind going back to college for further education? Do you want to work with the general public or not? Do you want to live in a big city? You should write all the things you need to consider in a list ranked in order.

It is inevitable that you will have to make some compromises, and you want to be sure what things you are prepared to do that with. Could moving to a different state be worthwhile if everything else fits in place? Only you can set the parameters for your dream job.

Make Your Resume Unique

Your resume should not necessarily be the same for every job you go after. You need to make it unique for each job application and make sure it stands out from the rest in some way. Have a master saved on your computer, as then it will be easy to tailor it for each application.

Highlight the qualities that would make you a perfect fit for the job you are after, and be careful how you describe what you have done in the past. A prospective employer might not see how being the assistant to a property owner could assist in a law firm. Instead explain that you dealt with tenant’s contracts, liaised with attorneys and advised your superiors on tenancy laws. That says so much more than the job title you had.

Be Well Prepared For The Interview

If you are offered an interview be well prepared before you attend. Do some research into the business you are seeing as this will show you have some initiative. Always greet and leave the interviewer with a smile and a firm handshake as that represents confidence, which is something that businesses are always looking for.

Be more interested in your duties than how many days’ vacation you get and then you stand more chance of being the successful applicant.


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