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Why It Is Important To Let Your Personality Influence Your Career Choice

Why It Is Important To Let Your Personality Influence Your Career Choice

Whether you found your job through social media or were hand-selected, what is it that you like about your work?

What is keeping you in your current job? 

Some may say the pay, the benefits, or the people they work with. 

These are all crucial in job satisfaction. However, having a job that matches your personality traits has been found to be the biggest factor. 

The more your personal traits and characteristics fit with your career of choice the more enjoyment you will have, the more productive you will be, and the better you will perform. 

If you think of personal traits, some people are more extroverted than others. These people are going to be much more suited and have the capabilities to thrive in more social and customer oriented roles, than someone who is introverted. A person who is an introvert, due to their natural character traits will succeed far better in independent tasks such as administration for example 

Understanding your personality type and letting that lead your career choice will influence your success in any role and also the relationships that you are able to build with your colleagues. 

Here is a breakdown of how your personality fit is so important within your job and building a satisfying career. 

You Get To Work With Like-Minded People

When you are choosing a career around your personality you will find it becomes a lot easier to connect, engage and build better relationships with both your colleagues and potential clients. 

When you think about relationships, you are more likely to gravitate towards others that share similar personality characteristics. These people are also more likely to pursue a similar career path and work in a similar industry.

By understanding your personality and letting this influence your career you are presenting yourself with a job that you will thrive in and presenting yourself with the best future career options.  

It can be challenging, however, to objectively be able to identify your characteristics and personality traits. Using assessments such as the Strong Cambell Interest Inventory will allow you the ability to gain a better understanding of your likes, dislikes, and preferences to help guide you towards a satisfying career path. 

You Will Perform Better Within Your Job

Not only does your personality traits influence how you interact and deal with co-workers but it also plays a part in how you interact with clients, customers, or patients.

When you are looking at choosing a potential career or entering a new job, it is important to gain a clear understanding of the duties themselves, rather than just looking at the industry type. 

Taking the opportunity to delve into the daily tasks attached to the job role will enable you to have insight into the interactions that are required and to assess whether your personality traits match up with these required tasks. It can present challenges to finding enjoyment and fulfillment within a role if you are having to go against your natural instincts and change your character for a job position.

Therefore pursuing a job that compliments your personality will enable you to carry out the highest quality of work and achieve the best job performance. The more you are able to enjoy the role you are in, the more you are able to work well with both your colleagues and customers the better the work you complete will be. 

Increased performance and confidence in your personal abilities to carry out your tasks will also allow you to continually be wanting to better yourself and you will find yourself considering and applying innovative ideas to ensure that your work performance is always at the highest standard.

It Will Make You Happier

With your natural ability to complete the work well, the positive relationships you have built the happier you will be at work. It is not surprising. You will benefit from greater career satisfaction. 

Being able to see yourself succeeding within your career will boost your confidence and will allow you to feel positively toward the job you do and the going to work on a daily basis. Also, with your history of being able to complete your tasks successfully, you will build a sense of achievement and appreciate the value that you are adding to your industry. 

You also will find that when your personality and values match up with your workplace you will be more committed to your role. Not only leading to your personal happiness being greater but also being able to build a long-lasting career for yourself. 

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